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Sucker Pie

This video from Manchester United player, Andreas Pereira, popped up in my Facebook newsfeed today.  A memory came rushing back. I was about five when I informed my mom I would be making sucker pie, my original creation, for dessert. Always encouraging my creative streaks, Mom helped me gather the left over suckers. And by leftover I mean the yellow, green and orange ones. I took a pie pan outside and crushed the suckers with a hammer on the driveway. On the concrete. I had to scoop up the jagged pieces of sugary colored stained glass and put them inside the pie pan, ignoring the bits of dirt that got added to the mix. Back inside the house, I measured out the sugar, flour, and water. After thoroughly mixing it all together, my mom placed it in the oven to seal in the deliciousness.

When my dad got home from work, I ran up and told him I’d made desert all by myself. Convinced this pie was going to be the next big thing in deserts, I imagined my very own recipe printed in Mom’s red and white checkered Betty Crocker Cookbook. (My delusions of fame started young.)

After dinner I served the pie. Mom had to cut it because it was a bit sticky. I took one bite and spit it out. It tasted awful. Grainy. Hard. Gross. Nothing like I’d imagined. But my dad? He ate the entire piece. I watched dumbfounded. I told him it was okay he didn’t have to eat any more sucker pie.

And then he did the thing that only the very best dads do, he asked for seconds.

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  • Made me smile.

    • Jen

      Thanks for reading. It was a fun memory to relive.

  • Helen

    But of course he did!

    • Jen

      Of course. :)