crying giant

After leaving with my dose of love from the Starbucks folks, I made my way along the streets back home. I love getting “lost” in the streets of my city. You emerge with completely new vantage points of that which you have seen for years. Suddenly everything is new again.

I drove on just feeling the sadness and growing exhaustion from the morning.  Passing the Kansas City Art Institute, I made my way around the Kemper Museum.

That’s when I saw him. Hunched over, clearly bereft, The Crying Giant.  The juxtaposition of his comical form with such deep sadness resonated.  He just looked sad, lonely and tired.  Just like me.

When you are feeling sad and alone, it is bit comforting to turn a corner and see that sadness encased in tons of steel and bronze.  These feelings are not lightweight ones. 

It’s helpful to see them reflected back to you in something so permanent as a huge sculpture that will forever be a marker of this day and this moment.  I may not carry these feelings forever, but he can hold them for me.

And ever so slightly I started to feel the grief and sorrow lighten.

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