grief spirit

peach rose and glass bud vase

I carried pasta, bread, grapes, muffins and a peach rose to the back door of my neighbors. I had just heard that John’s sister had died that morning, from her journey with lung cancer. I had known this time was coming, but was still surprised. I did what everyone did for us and delivered food.

I also brought one of my mom’s roses. These are the rose bushes we bought to have at the house after mom’s celebration of life. They are exquisite and have offered perfectly precious blooms to me all summer long.

We sat in their screened-in porch. Talked about Louisa, John’s sister, and Karen, my mom. We held the space for them. Kathy picked a small glass bud vase, given to them by Louisa, and placed the rose in it.

Sometimes life, without any fanfare, offers us the perfect moment, the perfect ritual, the perfect chance to be present. This moment was for Karen and Louisa, two lives now connected. But it was also for us – two families now joined, in sorrow, yes, but more importantly, in love.

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