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    jennifer juniper

    I didn’t expect my grief for my dad and my mom to be so different from one another.  Feeling a connection to mom has been easier, perhaps because we are/were so…

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    Last night the moon woke me up. I opened the bamboo shades and my bedroom was filled with her light. Whereas the sun energizes me to move outward, the moon coaxes me…

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    celebrating dad

    Friends and family have asked me to share the remarks I made at Dad’s funeral mass. Welcome. Thank you for coming to celebrate Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Bob, Bob, Robert, Bobby Jo,…

  • grief spirit

    And yet we call this Friday good.

    During my early years of living in New York City I regularly participated in the Pax Christi Stations of the Cross.  We created sacred space in the midst of a busy Friday…

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    city kid grows up

    My city kid spent part of spring break in his old neighborhood. Whenever I think about how quickly time has passed, I remember riding our elevator not too long after Max…

  • spirit


    This week has brought into deeper focus, through repetition, the theme of pilgrimages. I am working (yes, right now it feels like work) on a writing project (notice I can’t yet…