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Last night the moon woke me up. I opened the bamboo shades and my bedroom was filled with her light.

Whereas the sun energizes me to move outward, the moon coaxes me inward. 

Recently two opportunities arose to speak with friends about how my parents’ deaths have invited me to enter more fully into my life. It seems a paradox, but deep inside I know it to be true.

My favorite photo editing option is the one that sharpens the picture. It can take a fuzzy image and bring the essence of the photo into deeper focus.

It helps us see what is really there.

If we can stay open, the painful periods of life can sharpen our sense of aliveness. We can see life as it is. In this moment. Sometimes though I flee from that sharpening because I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it.

Then at other times, the moon is so bright she can wake me from a deep sleep in a room with the shades drawn.  And I open my window leaning out into the night, with the oddly warm November wind, her prairie ocean waves, washing over me.

It’s just me and the moon and a grateful heart.

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