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Max was regaling me with a story of the kids at school and the “family” they have created.  Max is the son, who they enter into boy pageants.  He has one sister, mom, dad, grandparents and aunts and uncles.

On one hand, I know it is just a game.

But on the other, there is something comforting to me that Max is the son in this playground game.

It was a big decision for us to send our son to public school.

It was an equally big decision to leave public school and send him to Catholic school for sixth grade.

Even with all my challenges with the Church (and there are a fair amount of them) my experience of a parochial education is one of the things I am most grateful for. 

He has been enveloped by such an accepting and loving community. The students and teachers have welcomed him as a new member of their family.

Max, too, is beginning to feel that connection to the larger Catholic family. He is rooting himself in a family that spans centuries. He is finding solace in something so much bigger than he is.  God is slowly becoming more real to him.

My mom really supported our decision to change schools. She knew, through the friendships she had since grade school, how deeply the experience shaped her life, her friends and her spirituality. She understood my yearning for that for my one and only child. I believe she is guiding him in his journey now in a way she never could before.

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