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grief laughter

Sucker Pie

This video from Manchester United player, Andreas Pereira, popped up in my Facebook newsfeed today.  A memory came rushing back. I was about five when I informed my mom I would be making sucker pie, my original creation, for dessert.…


another day in boy momdom

LinkedIn. Where we craft our professional persona, right? Well, here is how I recently began an email to a networking recommendation:   Dear Beth, Last week my son came home from a day of boy pack marauding wearing a…

laughter spirit

an ojo feary tale: part one

Dave, my host at my first night’s lodging in Ojo Caliente, guided me from the moment I crossed into New Mexico. He had warned GPS was unreliable and with a pretty big mountain thunderstorm underway and after 13 hours…

grief laughter

toilet paper

About two years ago Mom came clean with us. No pun intended. She was spending the night with Max. I’m not sure where Bob and I were but Mom started bringing her own toilet paper to our house. I can’t remember…

grief laughter

dead flowers in my windowbox

Okay, before you read this one you must first finish my earlier post today: rose of sharon If I were opting for a more controlled and managed reading experience I would not likely put these two posts so close…