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motherless daughter?

That first Mother’s Day after my mom died? I think I spent it in bed and definitely not on Facebook. I just wanted to get through those 24 hours. Mom died April 10, 2011 and I had already bought…

and then there were three

jennifer juniper

I didn’t expect my grief for my dad and my mom to be so different from one another.  Feeling a connection to mom has been easier, perhaps because we are/were so much alike? I can’t yet talk about Dad…

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Last night the moon woke me up. I opened the bamboo shades and my bedroom was filled with her light. Whereas the sun energizes me to move outward, the moon coaxes me inward.  Recently two opportunities arose to speak with…

gratitude grief

celebrating dad

Friends and family have asked me to share the remarks I made at Dad’s funeral mass. Welcome. Thank you for coming to celebrate Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Bob, Bob, Robert, Bobby Jo, Bobo, Big Blind Bob. When the hospice nurse…

grief spirit

And yet we call this Friday good.

During my early years of living in New York City I regularly participated in the Pax Christi Stations of the Cross.  We created sacred space in the midst of a busy Friday afternoon by taking time to pause and reflect on…

road trip, email and cookie dough
gratitude grief

road trip, email and cookie dough

Max and I spent a few days a few weeks ago at Common Place Farm. I love what my friends have done to support the healing energy of this very special place. They invited me to consider making a…

gratitude grief

gardenias and birthdays

Last week on the Tuesday before Holy Week commenced, I walked into my empty house and the scent of gardenias was overwhelming. At first I went from room to room smelling and wondering if someone accidentally left a candle burning.…