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    I know the answer

    but I don’t know how to get there. I know the answer to my darkness, my fear, my grief, everything is love. And I will never be able to love others to the depth I desire until…yes, I love myself. But I honestly have no idea where to even begin. I’m 49 and am googling “how to love yourself.” Even that simple phrase, once unpacked, shows how far away I am. There is no dearth of search results, but as I…

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  • body grief

    The Scent that Never Fades

    “Sir, there is nothing more you can do here. Your wife is gone. But here is what you can do,” the nurse said, “I want you to go home and gather…

  • grief spirit

    Turning Toward Emptiness

    In turning toward emptiness my life begins to take a new shape. My first art class I was a freshman in high school. I loved my art teacher – also a…

  • gratitude grief laughter

    Mums, Mom, and Helen Reddy

    My brother David brought me the two most beautiful potted mums this fall – one bright yellow and the other deep red. Watering one day I noticed one small flower “that…

  • grief spirit

    Loving My Neighbors

    After the Orlando shooting, I noticed my neighbors a few streets over had a large rainbow flag hanging from their porch. I don’t really know them, but I did recall briefly chatting…

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    Sucker Pie

    This video from Manchester United player, Andreas Pereira, popped up in my Facebook newsfeed today.  A memory came rushing back. I was about five when I informed my mom I would be…